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What Is Glam Life Society?

Glam Life Society is the ultimate business and lifestyle enhancement community. Founded by former entertainment and lifestyle publicist Randa Manning-Johnson. 


Glam Life Society offers tips, tools and strategies to help propel your lifestyle and business to the levels you've dreamt about reachng.

We assist in your quest of using your Passions to discover your Purpose which releases the profits and prosperity you deserve.

Glam Life Society is the creme de la creme of the Lady Boss Lifestyle...

“It's impossible to hit a target that you can't see. You must visualize your goal, set a plan and work your plan. Don't make excuses... Just make time.” 

-Randa Manning-Johnson-

CEO & Founder of Glam Life Society

Randa Manning-Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Glam Life Society, a company specializing in teaching entrepreneurs and startups how to design, build, brand and scale their businesses and lifestyles.


She is a former lifestyle and entertainment publicist that is based in southern California and has helped build the brands of professional athletes, models, actors, filmmakers, musical artists, major hotels, and home builders. She attended College in San Diego, California where she majored in Business Law, while working part time for the San Diego Superior Court system.  Intent on pursuing a career in the legal system a twist of fate during her sophomore year of college prompted a total career change and Randa took a leap of Faith and left school to pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors.


While starting a business with little to no start up income, Randa had to be very creative with ways to build her brand, market and advertise her services and products. Most of which had to be done solely by her, upon which her love for branding and marketing was birthed.


In order to fund her efforts and gain more knowledge of the industry and practices, Randa began her journey in Branding and Public Relations in 1999 as the assistant to the company principals of one of San Diego’s most notable and award winning communications firms. 


In early 2013 Randa established her own boutique agency under the moniker of RMJ Publicity and Management where she successfully built the company’s reputation and visibility making the company a highly sought after provider in the public relations industry. Although serving her high end clients was fulfilling and lucrative, Randa was feeling as if she wanted to help the masses and began creating programs, teaching classes, public speaking and supplying newly established entrepreneurs the most effective ways to build their businesses and personal brands.  Again she became well sought after and decided to close her agency, and begin working with entrepreneurs and startups full time by establishing the Glam Life Society community. 


She refers to her clients as her tribe and has vowed to help as many people as possible use their passions, discover their purpose and turn a huge profit doing so.

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