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It's Time To Expose Yourself...

For most of us it is a daunting task to allow ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones. We spend countless hours repeating our same habits and rituals and it doesn't even cross our minds to try something different. Last night after teaching my third class in a three part series, during my Q&A session, several of my students began to share things about themselves and their experiences. Let me first tell you that my classes are always very diverse. I have all races as well as various types of industries that attend the sessions. During an attempt to better explain his point, one of my students, used the analogy of scuba diving. Immediately other students in my class began to cut in and let him know that they could not relate to what he was talking about. I myself could not relate either because I have never been scuba diving. I have never been "exposed" to it. My lack of exposure is based solely on my lack of interest in the sport and not in my lack of ways of exposure. Sure, I have many friends that take part in the sport on a regular basis, but because it does not interest me....I do not participate. For the things in life that truly interest me, I have made it a point and a goal to gain as much exposure to them as possible. It may be by way of surfing the internet, reading books, taking classes, etc. By any means necessary, I have decided that I will be exposed to the things that interest me most. Your source of exposure depends heavily upon you and your actions. Now for many, they have interests that they have not even begun to act upon even though a way of exposure is directly put into their paths. It's easy to find an excuse or a way to remain in the same position rather than to step out of the comfort zone and change lanes. It's time to release yourself of your fears and allow yourself to be exposed. The time for change is now. Change doesn't happen until you make the decision to change and exhort the energy needed to make it happen. Stop using the same old habits to try and make a new ending. It is not going to happen. You must travel a new route on your path to a new ending. Here's a few tips; on your way home from work, try another route. You may discover that it may get you there quicker. If you are used to wearing a certain color palette, switch to one that you have been afraid to try. You may discover that those colors accent you a lot better than the ones you've been comfortable with in the past. If you and your family don't all sit down to eat dinner at the same time, try to set a time and a place for everyone to sit down and eat together for a couple of days out of the week. You may discover some things about each other that you did not know. If you don't go outside of a 10 mile radius of your home for your regular errands and leisure... try going at least past a 20 mile radius... you may find a new restaurant or store that you can now call your favorite. I'm sure that you get my point. Stop being afraid of being exposed to bigger and better things. Step outside of your comfort zone. Open yourself up to view the world in a different light. They say that you don't miss anything that you never had...but I beg to differ. It is definitely possible to miss out on the finer things in life because you are too afraid to branch out and take advantage of what this world has to offer. Open yourself up to being exposed....

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